Hello World!

A small building. Four flats on a floor. Four floors in all. Two penthouse apartments on top. Barsaati. Stilt parking. One lift, one staircase. An A4 print of the google map showing the site. Dimentions, no angles. Somewhere in Patna. That’s all I’m told.

I’ve never been to a confession booth. I believe this is how it would feel. I must make the drawings for this building. I will make them the best I can. I have to give the drawings of this, and two others before Friday.
I’m helping in the construction of , what could turn out to be, the same buildings I once laughed at. I’ll never see them. I will not need to. The bastards.
I’m scared, I tell a friend. I’m screwing up a building. He tells me- some other moron would have done it, instead- you’re getting a chance to design it. Why bother. Make anything 🙂

He’s probably right.


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