The Temple that Kanvinde Built

The ISKCON Temple, East of Kailash, New Delhi Kanvinde, Rai and Chaudhary, 1998. My Mom is a firm believer; she goes to this temple every few months and likes it a lot. She brings back pastries and biscuits from there :). Other than that, having started this blog with a post on a young upcoming architect, … Continue reading

The Youth Café & M.F. Hussain Art Gallery

The Youth Café and M.F. Hussain Art Gallery, at JMI  Martand Khosla and Romi Khosla,  Romi Khosla Design Studio (2008) Having seen pictures of the buildings on the firm’s website, I must admit that I did not expect them to match up to the beautiful images. The images you see on the web are those … Continue reading